Album « Vuela » (2013)

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Album « Baguala de la Siesta » (2011)

Télécharger le dossier de presse « Baguala de la Siesta »PRESS 2013

CD LP – VUELA (2013)

« A cello, clarinet, almost no guitar or piano, some percussion, two voices: the sisters Caronni renewed, with Vuela, the miracle of their manifesto Baguala de la Siesta released in 2011. (..) This charming disc, both warm and melancholic, shows the two faces of exile: the tearing and the possibility of reinventing everything « 

– François-Xavier Gomez, Libération

« So much poetry and refinement are revealed when listening to this album. Laura and Gianna Caronni have built over the years a repertoire in which their great musical sense wonders. »

– Pierre Cuny, Mondomix

« In their company we traveled from Cuba to Togo and from Argentina to Algeria before going back to the France of Ravel and Brassens. No impression of exploring known lands comes to disturb listening: the blows, the friction of the bow and the silences of the sisters Caronni suppress borders. « 

– Louis-Julien Nicolaou, Les Inrockuptibles

« One plays the clarinet, the other the cello. Both of them sing and their musical symbiosis produce as on their first album the same captivating magnetism. And yet you don’t know clearly in what musical territory you are located. At the crossroads of classical music and traditional singing, the effluvia of chacarera, traditional music of northern Argentina, comes to perfume a beautiful country of contrasting emotions »

– Didier Varrod, France Inter

« This enchanting disc, both warm and melancholic, illustrates the two faces of exile: the tearing and the possibility to reinvent everything. « 

Libération – 13 Septembre 2013

« Most alluring on disk, but on stage pleasures multiplied …  »

Rock My – 14 Octobre 2013

« Their elegance without fuss and their enchanting gracemake us melt.  »

Télérama – 30 Octobre 2013

« No feeling of going through known lands comes to disturb listening: murmurs, rubs and the silences of Caronni sisters make the borders disappear »

Les – 20 Août 2013

« If tango or milonga are the main basis of their compositions, these are traversed by musical scents that come from Africa, of French chanson or classical music (…) A goldsmith’s work”

Que Tal Paris – 13 Novembre 2013


PRESS 2012

CD LP – Baguala de la siesta (2011)

«Their eclectic lyricism, evocative vocal harmonies and inventive stretching and recombination of cello and clarinet technique reveal a sublime poetic mastery that defies categorisation. The mostly original material also makes room for a bit of remained covers. There is more unassuming passion, beauty and wisdom in these 13 tangos, canciones, chacareras, milongas and a closing baguala than many artists can claim in a lifetime. »
extract from the review of their 1st album «Baguala de la siesta»

– Michael Stone in fRoots, January 2012